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Student Group Initiative Funding

Student Group Initiative Funding

Applications due November 4, 2010 by 5 pm

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The University of Toronto Scarborough Alumni Association (UTSAA) is a network of individuals linked together by our experiences at the University of Toronto Scarborough.  Our mandate is to engage U of T Scarborough alumni, in all its diversity, in a lifelong relationship with each other and the campus.  We are committed to foster excellence in scholarship, community, building tradition and service.

The UTSAA Student Group Initiative provides funding to recognized student groups to deliver programs and activities.  Preference will be given to requests which offer professional development, leadership opportunities, and/or community engagement that are accessible to all UTSC students and events which incorporate alumni involvement.

Funding has been made possible from the MBNA U of T Affinity MasterCard program.  The funds that are generated through this program are entrusted to the UTSAA to be dispersed equitably.

Student groups who need assistance recruiting alumni for their events are encourage to contact Kim Tull, Manager of Alumni Relations at 416-287-5631 or for assistance.



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