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New Frontier Seminar Series opens with Dr. Chris Wood on the topic "Teleost Fish - the Pros and Cons of Living with High Ammonia

New Frontier Seminar Series opens with Dr. Chris Wood on the topic

"Teleost Fish - the Pros and Cons of Living with High Ammonia"

Thursday, September 16, 2010

12:00 noon - 1:00 pm

AA160 - Council Chambers

All Welcome


The UTSC Community is invited to the opening installment of the New Frontiers Seminar Series that will be taking place this Thursday, September 16th from 12-1pm in AA160 (in the Arts and Administration Building). We are pleased to have Dr. Chris Wood as our speaker. Dr. Wood will be presenting the following:

Teleost Fish - the Pro’s and Con’s of Living with High Ammonia

More molecules of ammonia are manufactured by industry than of any other product, and ammonia pollution from both anthropogenic and natural sources is an increasing problem in aquatic environments. In addition, when water flow is restricted, ammoniotelic teleost fish may create their own extreme external and internal environments high in ammonia. These may be exacerbated by additional endogenous generation associated with feeding and/or exercise. Dr. Wood will review recent evidence that Rh proteins play a key role in allowing fish to survive under such conditions by excreting ammonia against prevailing diffusion gradients. Hyperventilation also occurs, and evidence that this is directly linked to sensing of ammonia levels in blood and/or water via neuroepithelial cells in the gills will be presented. However not all effects of ammonia are bad, and an interesting possible benefit of moderately elevated ammonia levels for aquaculture will be discussed.

If you only have time to make one seminar be sure to make it the New Frontiers Seminar Series. As chosen by you we have recruited the best and the brightest minds from North America, and from our very own backyard at UTSC. The seminars will always be scheduled over lunch with light refreshments to be further considerate of your busy schedule. Please look forward to a complete list of speakers in the coming week.

The New Frontiers Seminar Series is presented by the Graduate Students' Association at Scarborough in Partnership with the Leadership Development Program.

We are generously sponsored by:

The Office of the Vice-Principal

The University of Toronto at Scarborough Alumni Association The Keg Steakhouse and Bar The Department of Student Life

We look forward to seeing you there.

GSAS Executives

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