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ARTSIDEOUT, the University of Toronto at Scarborough’s largest multi-disciplinary arts festival, is now accepting submissions for the 2010 Festival.

Designed to take place across the entire campus, while involving a widest possible range of students from different programs, ARTSIDEOUT is a massive celebration of the creativity and culture of UTSC.

This year, on October 7th, 2010, for one night only, the entire campus will be transformed by large scale art installations, exhibitions of student and class work, showcases of clubs, several concerts, film screenings and performances.

We are currently accepting all manner of creative work for exhibition during the festival. This includes:

- Paintings, Drawings, Illustrations and Graphic work (new or pre-existing)

- Sculptures and creative ‘objects’

- Sound and music pieces (live or pre-recorded)

- Performances, displays and creative interventions

- Photography

- Film and Video Art

If you wish to take part and exhibit in this year’s event, please submit a brief proposal with a description of your work (max. 1 page) and include your name and contact information. If possible, please include a picture or sketch of your work.

All selected projects will receive full logistical, exhibition and production support from the ARTSIDEOUT logistics team and will be presented as part of the main program of the festival.

The deadline for proposals is AUGUST 8, 2010. Please note, late submissions will not be accepted.

Please send all proposals to Leo Lam, Director of Independent Projects,

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