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Mental Health Coverage


In 2009 the UTSC Psychology department launched a full-fledged undergraduate program in Mental Health Studies – the only one of its kind in Canada. Where many courses in psychology concentrate primarily on the whys and hows of “normal” thoughts, feelings and behaviours, Mental Health Studies focuses on the identification and treatment of disorders that are deemed psychologically abnormal.

Like all Psychology undergraduates, students in Mental Health Studies start with a thorough grounding in methodology and statistical approaches as well as theoretical perspectives. They then focus their studies on abnormal mental processes.

The program includes three new courses: Psychotherapy, examining various theoretical frameworks and schools of therapeutic practice; Psychological Assessment, focusing on tests and measures used to evaluate disorders; and Psychopharmacology, an introduction to the pharmacological strategies used for addressing a variety of mental health conditions.

The new program also has a co-op option; students can take advantage of UTSC’s partnerships with well-known mental health institutions. Already sparking a high level of interest, with more than 200 students enrolled for its inaugural year, Mental Health Studies addresses a keenly felt need in the community and promises to be a significant area of growth in the future.

Photo at right: Professor David Nussbaum conducts research on the human brain related to impulsive behaviours.

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