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The newest faculty member of UTSC’s Psychology department is Elizabeth Page-Gould (pictured right with lab manager Jeffrey Wong), a social psychologist who followed her PhD at the University of California Berkeley with post-doctoral research as a Mind/Brain/Behaviour Fellow at Harvard University.

Page-Gould’s work examines the psychophysiological and cognitive aspects of “dyadic” interactions (i.e., involving two people) with a particular focus on relationships between members of different racial groups. Her success in identifying the minute physiological changes that accompany, for example, an expression of racial prejudice have earned a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, among many other awards.

In addition to her research expertise, Page-Gould brings a love of teaching to her new role: “I assume students are drawn to this research for exactly the same reasons I am – the potential to positively impact people’s lives, especially in diverse societies such as those we find in the GTA.”

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