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New Media graduate connects the world

New Media graduate Wynne Leung works at Corus Entertainment

Designing a world of colour with technology is all in a day’s work for a new media studies graduate. 

After completing a two-week contract as a web content manager at Corus Entertainment, Wynne Leung landed a full-time job with the company, immersing herself in the Toronto media scene and putting her multimedia skills to the test at one of Canada’s most successful media entertainment companies. 

Three years later, thriving in a career she says is challenging and competitive, Leung is an interactive web designer. She works with the production team to design and manage websites for the company’s television networks, such as CMT Canada, YTV, W Network, and Teletoon – to name a few television services. 

“My job allows for a lot of creative freedom and I’m constantly learning new things,” Leung said. “I work with a talented group of designers at Corus Entertainment, people who are eager to try new ideas and new ways of doing things, especially related to the web.” 

As a graduate of the new media studies joint program with the University of Toronto Scarborough and Centennial College, Leung (BA Hons. 2006) says both institutions provided her with the foundation to do well in her career. 

“UTSC taught me how to think and Centennial College taught me how to work,” Leung said. “I majored in visual arts, and the creative aspects of the program taught me to think critically and outside of the box, to receive constructive criticism in an opportunistic way, as well as to problem solve and see patterns in a bigger picture.” 

While taking courses at Centennial College, Leung gained valuable experience and developed hands-on skills, learning essential tools for media designers. 

“Working in groups was a great way to learn how to be part of a team and a little friendly competition fueled additional creativity,” she said. 

Many of her school projects also helped build her portfolio, which is an important showcase for   employers who are considering your resume, she adds. 

“By attending events held by emerging interactive businesses and networking with people in the field, I really got involved and learned more about projects and trends in the industry,” Leung said. 

For now, Leung says she is happy designing web content, but she knows there is much more to learn in our constantly changing, technology-driven world. 

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