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Lunchtime Lecture: Professor John M. Kennedy

Lunchtime Lecture: Professor John M. Kennedy

Tuesday March 16, 2010


Doris McCarthy Gallery

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Dear U of T Scarborough community,

Please join us at the DMG  for a lunchtime lecture:

Tuesday, March 16

Understanding pictures in vision and touch: Lines, perspectives and metaphors from cave art to the present

Professor John M. Kennedy, Department of Pyschology

12 - 1 pm

Some 50,000 years ago, cave artists discovered how to use lines to picture the world. Is it ontologically impossible for lines to work as pictures in touch, for the blind? Professor Kennedy proposes that Renaissance perspective is a discovery about perception, not an invention of an arbitrary convention. Through examples of work by EW, a blind artist, he will discuss how deliberate disobedience of realism can create highly successful pictorial metaphors.

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