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Ready for our close-up

A television crew from TFO/TV Ontario will be at the U of T Scarborough on Friday, October 6. This two-person crew will be on campus all day to gather architectural footage in and around the original building, the Science and Humanities wings.

TFO, the French-language branch of TV Ontario, will be shooting scenes for a series of vignettes on modern architecture in the Toronto area. Officials from TFO are experienced at filming on campus, and will work to minimize the disruptions to staff, students and faculty during this small-budget production. The exterior of the Science and Humanities buildings, The Meeting Place, hallways, corridors, stairwells and an empty lecture theatre, are among the spaces which the crew will videotape.

The oldest building on campus, divided into the Humanities (H) wing and Science (S) wing, was designed by Toronto architect John Andrews, and was first opened in January 1966. It won immediate international acclaim for its striking shape and angles, and it continues to excite architectural interest today, with film and television crews frequently booking the space.  

The TFO vignettes are for educational purposes and will be organized around themes, including urban living, health care, universities and research facilities. They are scheduled to air on television beginning in April 2007.

“The upcoming production is a good opportunity to showcase our campus and to highlight the significance of our architecture,” says Jack Martin, Director, Hospitality and Retail Services. “This long-running segment on public television is a great way for us to introduce ourselves to a whole new audience.”

The vignettes will be broadcast on a regular basis for the next couple of years on TFO, with a narrative highlighting the architectural significance of each site. Marie-Josée Therrien, an art historian who specializes in architecture, selected the buildings to be featured, in accordance with requirements from the subsidizing organizations: the Canada Council and the federal government’s Historic Places Initiative through the Ontario Ministry of Culture.  

Footage from the Scarborough campus will be part of the station’s vignette on universities. Although the broadcast will focus on modern architecture, one historical site will be featured in each vignette for contrast. The segment will feature other University of Toronto buildings, including the Terrence Donnelly Centre for Cellular & Biomolecular Research (CCBR), Victoria College, and Massey College.

Other buildings to be featured include Mississauga City Hall, The Hospital for Sick Children, and the Market Square condominium building.

- Mary Ann Gratton

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