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Generations: An Exhibition that Connects

Generations Juried Art Exhibition

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

11:00am - 5:00pm

Labspace Studio, 2A Pape Avenue, Toronto



Alumni run Labspace Studio and UTSC Arts Management Exhibition Celebrate the Work of Students, Alumni and Faculty

March 10, 2010…GENERATIONS is the theme for the juried arts exhibition that brings together the works of students, alumni and faculty from the Department of Visual and Performing Arts at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Presented by the 2010 VPAD12 Arts Management Senior Seminar class, the exhibition features a wide range of artworks juried by panel members who are leading their generations: DEANNA BOWEN, a video installation artist and Studio faculty member; ANNIE ONYI CHEUNG, a video and performance artist and an alumni; and JULIA JACKSON, practising artist and specialist in Arts Management in Visual Art. Best in Show works will be awarded three top prizes of $200, $100 and $50 eligible to alumni and students. Studio faculty members YAEL BROTMAN, MARLA HLADY and ALEXANDER IRVING will be featured as Special Guest Artists at the show. GENERATIONS will be held at Labspace Studio, a creative space operated by UTSC alumni LAURA MENDES and JOHN LOERCHNER.

Created in 2007, Lapspace is the endeavour of two dedicated individuals. Both Laura Mendes and John Loerchner were highly involved in fostering arts and culture at UTSC. Laura was the Co-President of the University of Toronto Art Collective and founder of the student-run Gallery 1265, while John was President of the Drama Society and Executive Director of the Underground, the campus newspaper. Both re-instituted the Scarborough Fair, UTSC’s creative journal after it had ceased publication. Nowadays, Laura is working towards finishing her professional training in contemporary dance at Ballet Creole and John is an Art Director at MacLaren McCann, an advertising agency. Commenting on their busy lives, Laura says, “We both run Labspace Studio on the side. John is also a freelance designer and I am also a freelance writer.”

“Our space is widely used as an affordable performance and rehearsal facility by independent artists and non profit arts organization across the city,” continues Laura. In the past, Labspace provided UTSC’s own Visual & Performing Arts Studio program a space outside of campus to present their annual student show. On the weekend of March 21st, 2010, Labspace’s co-founders will be reconnecting with UTSC through the Arts Management Senior Seminar class in GENERATIONS.

GENERATIONS will feature the works of twenty-one UTSC artists across experience and ages. Works vary from photography, sculptures and ceramics to video installations and paintings.

Opening Reception is by invitation only. For an invite with details on the date and time, please contact the VPAD12 Arts Management Senior Seminar Marketing group at


Each year, Arts Management senior students are required to organize a capstone project that will challenge and showcase their skills and knowledge acquired from their courses. By applying concepts learned in Fundraising, Project Management, Financial Management, Marketing, Audience Development, as well as other courses geared towards the not-for-profit arts sector, GENERATIONS is one of two projects undertaken by the class. The second project is an arts industry guide created for Arts Management students interested in working or volunteering in the arts and culture sector in Toronto.

The class gratefully acknowledges the support of the Arts & Events Programming Office and the Doris McCarthy Gallery amongst the various UTSC students, faculty and staff for their generous contributions and continuous support in our endeavours.


For more information or images, contact the VPAD12 Senior Seminar Marketing Group at

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