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Grrrlfest celebrates International Women's Day

From March 1th to 4th, the UTSC (University of Toronto at Scarborough) Women's Centre is celebrating International Women's Day with “Grrrlfest”: four days of informative and engaging workshops, presentations and guest lecturers.

This year's theme is “Fierce: Women Empowerment”, and our mission is to educate our fellow students and community members about the unique characteristics that shape women's lives and also women’s health and wellness, sexuality and gender, race, religion, womanhood and identity.

We hope you take this chance to learn more about women's issues! All workshops will have yummy snacks, will be in comfy settings and delivered by engaging facilitators. Check out the agenda below, or for more information on facilitators or organizations, visit the Grrrlfest website: or join us on Facebook: Grrrlfest 2010.

All events are free! Spread the word, bring your friends, and celebrate with us next week!


We plan to give each day of the event a sub-theme:

Monday, March 1: Women's Social, Political, and Economic Conditions

Tuesday, March 2: Women's Health and Wellness

Wednesday, March 3: Body Image Empowerment (Art Appreciation Day)

Thursday, March 4: All-Performance Night (Benefit Night)

The detailed schedule can be viewed at our website along with other information such as venues, FAQ and many more.

For any questions or concerns, your can contact Mariam Ahmed at or 416-287-7024.

See you all there!!!

UTSC Women's Centre

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