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University issues statement on campus safety

The University of Toronto community extends its deepest sympathies to all those associated with Dawson College in Montreal. It is our sincere hope that all those injured in Tuesday's attacks will recover fully, and that Dawson will quickly resume its academic mission as one of Quebec's leading colleges. 

We recognize that Tuesday's events prompted many members of our own community, and their families, to want to know more about U of T's own approach to campus safety.

The University is dedicated to providing a safe environment for students, staff, faculty, and visitors. In particular, to take full advantage of the opportunities for learning, discovery, and personal growth that are integral to a university education, our students need both security and freedom. To that end, our community must remain safe (ital) and (ital) open. We work hard to strike that balance each day. And we are continually refining on our own crisis procedures based on simulations and on recent events.

Below, you will find links to the some of the teams who lead our security and crisis response activities, as well as to materials on how to manage critical events on campus:

Each member of the U of T community is part of this collective effort. Your alertness to threats to our collective security, and your familiarity with these resources, are among the most powerful assets U of T has to ensure that our three campuses remain safe and vibrant.

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