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Campus cafeteria at UTSC wins nutrition award

EAT SMART! The MarketPlace H-wing cafeteria received a Toronto Public Health Award for excellence in nutrition and food safety. From left are: Elsa Kiosses of the Health & Wellness Centre, Homer Jung of Aramark, Jasmine Ho and Lynda Audia from Toronto Public Health. (Photo by Ken Jones.)

The MarketPlace cafeteria in the Humanities Wing at U of T Scarborough has won an award for excellence in nutrition and food safety from The City of Toronto.

The Eat Smart! certificate was presented during a special ceremony and information fair held in The Meeting Place recently. Booths and displays were set up at the fair by student volunteers who are Nutritional Health Peer Educators and by members of PACE (Physical Activity Coaches and Educators), a new student peer educator group. The students distributed literature on how to stay healthy through food choices and recipes. Fitness demonstrations and a healthy snack table full of fresh fruits and vegetables helped convey to the message to eat smart and stay healthy, according to organizers.

Sporting a giant banana suit was biology student Samantha Cooper, coordinator of the Nutritional Health Peer Program. The peer educators for the program regularly provide workshops and sets up displays through the Health & Wellness Centre. Cooper said she hoped her bright yellow garment would help send a message about the importance of healthy eating. The fair was organized by the Health & Wellness Centre, Athletics, and Toronto Public Health.

Accepting the award were: Elsa Kiosses, health promotion nurse who oversees the Wellness Peer Programs at UTSC's Health & Wellness Centre, and Homer Jung, food service director for Aramark, the contracted food-service provider for the university and operator of the H-Wing cafeteria. The certificate was presented by Lynda Audia and Jasmine Ho from Toronto Public Health.

“We’re delighted to present to you the 2009 Eat Smart Award of Excellence,” said Audia. “This award is only presented to food service establishments that have met exceptional standards for food safety and smart choices, offering a variety of healthy, safe food.”

Toronto Public Health’s Eat Smart! initiative is a multi-component nutritional promotion program for schools and workplaces in the city. The program is centered upon an Award of Excellence program for cafeterias that meet high standards in nutrition, food safety and smoke-free dining.

For more about the Toronto Public Health Eat Smart! Program, click here.


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