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Know the campus winter weather policy

SNOW INFORMATION: To review the campus guidelines for severe weather, click on the above icon on the UTSC home page.

It’s that time of year again, when snow and winter weather are all around us. Everyone on campus should be prepared for the inclement weather that often comes with Canada's winter months.

In the event of a snowstorm or other severe weather, check the campus web site and digital signs for updates on the status of classes or a full campus closure. Be sure to click on the “Snow Information” icon on the home page and be familiar with the university guidelines for inclement weather.

When severe weather causes the campus-wide cancellation of classes and other on-campus activities, a decision is generally announced by 6:30 a.m. via the campus web site, email, intranet, digital display screens, local radio and television stations and the U of T Scarborough Emergency Information line at 416-287-7026. If classes are under way and weather conditions cause a campus-wide cancellation mid-day, information is announced and posted as soon as possible. A decision on evening classes is generally communicated by 4:15 p.m.

During severe weather conditions, facilities such as the library and the athletic centre may alter their hours of operation depending on staff availability. Also, scheduled conferences and facility rentals by outside organizations may or may not meet depending on a variety of factors. Please contact these services and/or external event organizers to determine their plans. Similarly, students should verify the status of their specific class directly with the appropriate department.

When classes occur in inclement weather, we are sensitive to safety issues while permitting students who are able to do so to attend classes. Students who cannot attend classes that are meeting should refer to the syllabus of each affected course which generally notes how the instructor or department handles non-attendance, late submissions and missed assignments. Related questions or concerns should be directed to the instructor or academic department. Most academic departments' phone numbers are available from their web page and the campus directory, which is viewable from both the web site and the intranet.

To review the campus weather policy anytime, visit or click on the “Snow Information” icon on the home page.

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