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ARTSIDEOUT: A night of discovery and fun

by Patricia Njou

ARTSIDEOUT opens the Scarborough campus to night owls, the curious, and arts lovers. As U of T Scarborough’s one and only large-scale arts festival, the event will be a night of discovery and exploration.

For one evening on Oct. 1 starting at 5 p.m., all students, faculty and staff are encouraged to explore and rediscover the school’s hallways and grounds to find the unexpected and the unusual. ARTSIDEOUT promises to bring some interesting perspectives to how we look at art and open spaces. Visit the Student Centre, the AA Building, the ARC, the Bladen Wing, the Meeting Place and the Sakura Grove of cherry trees (in front of Management Wing).

Designed to transform the school into an interactive and engaging space, ARTSIDEOUT breaks down the barrier of intimidation between art and the larger public. Exhibitions, installations, films and performances are taken from their traditional enclosed venues and made more accessible to the community. Paintings, photographs, and prints will be displayed outside of classroom walls and films projected against building exteriors. At the same time, concerts and dances will break out all over the campus.

ARTSIDEOUT is a fun, festive approach that encourages all to gather, share and discover the thriving artistic and creative community on our campus that often goes unnoticed.

Join us for a celebration of creativity, a celebration of U of T Scarborough’s hidden talents.

The event will be divided into three zones that will contain site specific installations, exhibitions, and concerts. Zone 1 is composed of the AA building and the Student Centre. Zone 2 is made up of the Bladen Wing and the Meeting Place. Zone 3 is in the Academic Resource Centre (ARC) and the Sakura Grove cherry trees garden.

For more information on programming and event schedules visit

Patricia Njou is a fourth-year UTSC student with a double major in arts management and history. She is one of the curators for ARTSIDEOUT.

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