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Music Performance Courses for Credit

Do you enjoy music?  Are you interested in continuing playing music while you continue your studies at UTSC?  Did you know that you can get credits toward your degree by playing in one of the many music ensembles available at UTSC?  Auditiions for all the music ensembles take place the first week of classes beginning Thursday, September 10th.  The audition sign up sheets are located on the instructor's office door located on the third floor of the AA building.  Performing opportunities exist for Concert Band, Flute Choir, String Ensemble, Jazz Band and singers in Elementary Musicianship II and the Concert Choir.

Concert Band, Jazz Band AA322

String Ensemble sign-up AA341

Concert Choir and Elementary Musicianship II sign-up AA320

You can register on ROSI but your status will be INT until you are approved by the instructor which occurs following succeessfully completing the audition/interview.

These performances ensembles are also open to the faculty, staff and general community.

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