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Communication Café Series hosted by ELD, Writing Centre

Communication Café Series hosted by ELD, Writing Centre

Series includes: (See Details Below)

  • A/ Present Yourself Like an Expert
  • B/ Developing Strong Arguments
  • C/ Communicate Your Point Effectively
  • D/ Qualify Yourself
  • E/ Tining In Smartly
  • F/ Logical Fallacies
  • G/ VocApoly
  • H/ Bring out the Critical Thinker
  • I/ Interview Secrets
  • J/ Effective Networking
  • K/ Sound Your Best (Open to Non-Native Speakers)
  • L/ Winning A Scholarship

Location:  All sessions held in AC221

For More Information or to Sign Up - visit the INTRANET


Communication Café A: Present Yourself Like an Expert

September 14, 1-2:30pm,September 17, 4-5:30pm, & September 18, 11-12pm

In this fun and mind-blowing Communication Café you will have the opportunity to sharpen your persuasive and critical thinking skills. Through the games you will also discover levels of creativity that you may not realize you have. In this relaxed atmosphere, you will have a chance to expand both your academic and general vocabulary. As every experience with this game is unique, you have plenty of opportunities to challenge your personal abilities to communicate at higher levels each time you play the game. Apply the skills you develop to all your communication needs immediately and note the difference it makes!

Communications Cafe B: Developing Strong Arguments

September 14 4-5:30, September 17 1-2:30 & September 18 2-3:30

Have you ever wished that you could present your arguments more effectively, both orally and in writing? Taking a Position and Developing Strong Arguments is a game designed to enable you to learn the skills you need while having a great deal of fun. You become more aware of using certain critical thinking skills, and reinforcing your points in a positive way. Put your new skills to work in the very next oral or written assignment that comes up for you. Also, find yourself being able to participate more confidently in your tutorial discussions.

Communication Café C: Communicate Your Point Effectively

September 21 1-2:30pm, September 24 4-5:30pm & September 25 11-12:30pm

This Communication Café is an opportunity to learn how to present yourself and your ideas with greater confidence. You will discover your ability to communicate a great deal of valuable information in an effective manner, thus enabling you to make connections that you had not previously thought possible. If you would like to challenge yourself further this week, participate in the Taking a Position...Developing Strong Arguments session in the afternoon. Participate in this Cafe (and the Cafe on the same day over the next few weeks of the semester) and watch your vocabulary, confidence and fluency grow!

Communication Café D: Qualify Yourself

September 21 4-5:30, September 24 1-2:30 & September 25 2-3:30

Through this challenging game you will learn how to use hedging strategies more effectively so that your academic communication (both oral and written) will reflect careful thought, precision and analysis. Many previous participants have reported being able to use expressions and strategies immediately in their essays and presentations. The skills you develop through this game are particularly useful in upper-year seminar classes.

Communication Café E: Tuning In Smartly

September 28 1-2:30, October 1 4-5:30 & October 2 11-12:30

This exciting and fast-paced game will help you sharpen your listening skills in ways that enhance your ability to tune in to key points in lectures, conversations, interviews, etc. You will be discovering how easy it is to train yourself to be a smart listener through this game.

Communication Café F: Logical Fallacies

September 28 4-5:30, October 1 1-2:30 & October 2 2-3:30

Being able to spot logical fallacies is essential in academic work. The games you play in this session will enable you to learn about fallacies in a fun way, and give you an invaluable experience with using, identifying or avoiding them. You will enjoy discovering how analytical you can be.

Communication Café G: VocApoly

October 5 1-2:30, October 8 4-5:30 & October 11-12:30

Challenge yourself and your opponents as you work your way around the giant board game. Develop your academic vocabulary and fluency as you work through the challenge cards. You will leave excited that you have shown mastery of usage with key terms.

Communication Café H: Bring out the Critical Thinker

October 5 4-5:30, October 8 1-2:30 & October 9 2-3:30

Sharpen your critical thinking skills while developing your creativity, vocabulary and evaluation skills. Through a lively game of cards and wits, learn more about evaluating evidence and building credible arguments…and then stake your claim.

Communication Café I: Interview Secrets

October 15 1-2:30, October 16 2-3:30 & October 19 1-2:30

Learn secrets from the 'other side of the table' when you participate in this mock interview game. What do interviewers notice? What are interviewers looking for? Take advantage of this opportunity to consolidate the skills you have developed through other Cafes and learn how they can work for you in any interview session!

Communication Café J: Effective Networking

October 15 4-5:30, October 16 11-12:30 & October 19 4-5:30

As this is the last week of the Communication Cafés for the semester, you will get the exciting opportunity of honing your higher-level critical thinking skills and communication skills in this Networking game. You will find yourself perceiving new interactions in a different light after this experience. Warning: You will not be thinking the same way as when you step into this game session! Have fun!

Communication Café K: Sound Your Best (Open to Non-Native Speakers)

October 22 1-2:30, October 23 2-3:30 & October 26 1-2:30

Are you ready to take the next step towards making your communication more expressive and dynamic? This fun and relaxed workshop is offered for non-native speakers of English who wish to communicate more effectively in their additional language, but feel that their pronunciation makes this difficult. Remember, there is so much more to oral communication than pronunciation that focuses on just vowels and consonants! Re-assess your own speaking and pronunciation patterns and learn how to use rhythm, linking, stress, intonation and vocal variety to articulate your ideas more effectively.

Communication Café L: Winning A Scholarship

October 22 4-5:30, October 23 11-12:30 & October 26 4-5:30

Have the thrill of winning a "scholarship" by developing the skills of presenting your ideas in an engaging way that can contribute to successful scholarship applications as well as other circumstances where you need to be able to project your capabilities in positive ways.

Develop further skills for synthesis and evaluation through the game this week. Watch yourself develop the vocabulary, skills and confidence that will be useful in your current courses too.

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