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Writing Centre ELD Sessions

Writing Centre ELD Sessions

September 11, 2009 - October 27, 2009

All Sessions held in AC221

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Achieving Better English Communication

It is much easier for you to achieve your academic goals if you have excellent critical thinking and English oral and written communication skills. Come and learn what you can do achieve better results faster.

Friday September 11th 11am-12:00pm


Fast-track Your Academic Writing Skills Development

Take this opportunity to quickly improve your academic writing skills through a personalized program, The Reading and Writing through Email, so that you can write really well this semester. Open to all students, and particularly beneficial to students who would like to improve their academic communication skills.

Sep 11 2-3 Sep 14 3-4  Sep 16 11-12 Sep 18 3:30-4:30



Reading Academic Texts and Making Notes

Learn how to read academic texts in an efficient manner so that you are able to make best use of your efforts.  Strategies and tools in this seminar will help you cope much better with your readings.

Sep 15 11am, Sep 22 12:30pm, Sep 24 12pm, Sep 29 2pm


Expand Your Active Academic Vocabulary

Reading academic texts is easier if you have a wide vocabulary. Come and learn effective ways of expanding your active academic vocabulary so that you can spend less time on your assigned reading texts and yet understand them better.

Wed Sep 16 2-3pm, Thu Sep 17 3-4pm, Wed Sep 23 1-2pm


Writing Lab Reports

Writing Lab Reports can be an enjoyable task if you know how to use effective strategies. This session will teach you the necessary skills.

Wednesday September 30th 1-2:00pm


APA Café

The game-like approach used in this session makes it fun and enjoyable to learn the APA referencing system. Learn now so that you save time when you are under great time pressure to meet the deadline for submitting their assignments.

Tue Sep 29 4-5:30, Tue Oct 13 4-5:30, Tue Oct 27 4-5:30


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