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PULSE online initiative provides new ways to reach student population


The department of student life has launched PULSE, a new social initiative which includes a blog, e-newsletter, and e-magazine. The new e-content aspires to get students engaged, involved and informed of their campus community. Students can find PULSE e-magazine online by visiting the department's web site or by clicking here.

PULSE e-magazine will consist of articles which inform students of upcoming or past events, interviews with keynote speakers visiting Scarborough campus and profiles highlighting students who have made a difference in campus life. PULSE will also serve to be an outlet for student writers and designers who wish to speak out through popular online media forms. The content will be updated daily, according to officials in the department.

PULSE is a new way for students to inform their friends and classmates about the many events on campus,” said Annesha Hutchinson, communications and public relations assistant for the department of student life, who is the current editor. “With classes, exams, part time jobs and other responsibilities, students need a convenient and reliable source of information on campus events readily available to them, regardless of their location.”

While students do have access to many other media outlets on campus, PULSE strives to be different through its assertiveness and diversity in forms. Students will have content readily delivered to their inboxes on their laptops, personal digital assistants (PDAs) or smartphones.

“The department is also working toward creating more interactive content which will allow students to post feedback on their favorite PULSE content,” said Hutchinson. ‘We can create an online campus community which students can relate to when they aren’t able to attend events.”

Although the PULSE e-newsletter has been distributed to first year students over the summer months, PULSE was available for upper-year students by mid-August.

“We hope that students visit PULSE and look through the content, she added. “By doing this, they can become inspired to get involved in campus and the many programs that are offered steps away from the classroom."  Watch for PULSE online at

by Allan Grant (with files from Annesha Hutchinson)

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