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Go green while going home: Take part in Clean Air Commute Week

Take part in Clean Air Commute Week, enjoy a Segway ride, win prizes

Dust off your bicycle, lace up your rollerblades or put on your walking shoes and take part in Clean Air Commute Week, June 19 to 23.

U of T is taking part in Pollution Probe’s Clean Air Commute 2006, an effort to demonstrate how small changes each individual makes can improve the air quality for everyone in the Greater Toronto Area. By foregoing your car for a day, two or seven, you can help cut back on GTA smog, learn about what impact your change has on the environment and win prizes to boot.

Pollution Probe is conducting a GTA-wide draw for prizes including a seven-day Caribbean cruise and a tour of Cuba. U of T is holding its own draws for items such as a new mountain bike, TTC passes and 512-MB flash drives. By filling out a clean air diary card and returning it to human resources, U of T employees become eligible for both draws.

“It all ties into our environmental policy of do no harm and improve the environment,” said Reno Strano, waste management supervisor and recycling co-ordinator. “It’s simple. A lot of people don’t have to change what they’re doing and can be rewarded for their efforts but we want others to see how easily they can actually make a difference.”

Rob Provost, co-ordinator of hazardous waste management, regularly takes the GO train to work but during Clean Air Commute Week, he tries to walk to the train station.

“If you’re already doing it, that’s great, and if you can do more, that’s great, too,” Provost said.

The clean air diary card ( allows individual participants to calculate the impact their actions actually have on the environment. Simply walking a kilometre instead of driving means keeping 240 smog grams out of the air.

There’s also an opportunity for a ride on a Segway, a two-wheeled, clean, electric personal transportation device. Come to the Segway clinic on Friday, June 16 from noon to 1 p.m. on back campus, north of University College.

“You get a nice little ride and it’s a new piece of technology for most people,” said Strano.

Visit to learn more about the Clean Air Commute. Drop off your completed diary cards at the Human Resources Department, 215 Huron St., eighth floor, or e-mail them to Raymond Ilson,


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