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Meaningful research opportunities - Dog Strangling Vine Initiative

Meaningful Research Opportunities - Dog Strangling Vine Initiative

Info Meeting Tuesday, May 12, 2009 at 5:00pm

Location: SY205 (Science Research Building, U of T Scarborough)

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The Dog Strangling Vine (DSV) is an invasive plant that seriously threatens the native biodiversity of plants in the GTA and other parts of Ontario. The DSV initiative is a collection of projects aimed at understanding the biology and impacts of this plant on our campus.

We are looking for dependable, energetic volunteers, research project and science outreach students to assist in a number of exciting projects involving meaningful hands-on field research experience and public outreach. Building on the successful projects from last year, we are looking for up to 30 students to assist in GPS mapping of DSV plants on campus, maintenance and monitoring of field trials, distribution of pamphlets and organization of public information tours through the valley as well as assistance with a number of greenhouse and lab experiments for the summer semester.

An information session will be held on Tuesday May 12 at 5 pm in SY205 for all interested students. Anyone unable to attend this session may contact the program coordinator by email -

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