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Brunch with the Bulletin and three great UTSC Profs: Focus on the environment

Registration is Necessary -

Faculty and staff at U of T Scarborough are invited to attend Brunch with the Bulletin on Thursday, May 14 at 12 noon for a free meal and exciting lecture featuring three top professors who will focus on the environment.

This is the first Brunch with the Bulletin to be held on the Scarborough campus. Brunch With the Bulletin is part of the U of T newspaper's popular Breakfast With the Bulletin lecture series, a series designed to offer faculty and staff food for both body and mind while strengthening a sense of community on campus.

The environment will be the focus of the noontime event, and organizers hope that the midday time slot will make it easier for members of the U of T community to pay a visit to UTSC. Tours of the campus will be available for attendees from St. George and U of T Mississauga.

"The environment is an area of intense activity on our campus, and so it's fitting that it is the topic of the first Brunch with the Bulletin at UTSC," said Professor Don Cormack, chair of the Department of Physical and Environmental Science.

"We've recently hired a number of new faculty in this area and have created a unique professional master's program and a joint environmental science and technology program with Centennial College. On the research front, we have a multitude of projects underway covering areas as diverse as invasive species, contaminant transport and fate, and global change--all contributing to our understanding of global environmental issues."

The trio of featured speakers offers a variety of perspectives on the environment, a subject that is never far from the headlines. George Arhonditsis, a professor in the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences, will talk about the effects of climate change on freshwater ecosystem dynamics. Professor Rudy Boonstra of the Department of Biological Sciences plans to talk about the impact climate change is having on the north and Professor John Hannigan of sociology will address the public's perception of the risks associated with new sustainable energy technologies.

"If you have never been to UTSC or it's been a long time since your last visit, then now is the ideal time to spend some time here. Not only will you get a unique opportunity to hear from some of our great faculty, you'll also experience our beautiful surroundings in bloom," said Principal Franco Vaccarino.

"There are so many fine minds on all three campuses, but very few of us have the opportunity to pause and hear them speak," said Elaine Smith, editor of the Bulletin. "Our lectures give people the opportunity to take advantage of the amazing expertise we have while informally sharing a meal with colleagues. The Bulletin team is eager to meet our U of T Scarborough colleagues.

Brunch With the Bulletin is scheduled for May 14 at 12 noon in the Council Chamber of the Arts and Administration Building (AA160). Food will be served at noon, with the three talks and a question period following at 12:30. The event, which offers a nice break from routine, will wrap up at 1:30 p.m. It is free of charge to faculty and staff, but space is limited and registration is required at

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