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2009 Branko Vojnovic, University of Toronto Scarborough AccessAbility Award

 2009 Branko Vojnovic, University of Toronto Scarborough AccessAbility Award

Deadline: March 31, 2009

For more information call 416-287-7560 or email


Dear Colleagues,

Re:  Call for Nominations

I would like to invite you to submit nominations for the 2009 Branko Vojnovic, University of Toronto Scarborough AccessAbility Award, which recognizes students with permanent disabilities who display a drive for learning.

This recognition is awarded to an undergraduate student who meets the following criteria:

·       Entering second, third or fourth year at UTSC

·       Registered with AccessAbility Services and/or has special educational needs due to a disability/challenge as defined under the human rights code

·       Good academic standing

·       Displays a drive for learning

·       Preference is given to students enrolled in Management programs

In order to nominate a student for this award:

1.      The nomination should include:

a.     Student Name

b.     Student Number

c.     Outline what makes this student a good candidate for this award

d.     Biography – what you know about the student’s personal circumstances (Note:  Do not identify the student’s disability)

e.     Comment on class performance:  attitude/participation/contribution to the learning environment

f.      Extra effort:  involvement in learning

g.     Helping others:  giving back to the community, volunteering, tutoring, etc.

h.     Comment on the most exceptional thing you know about this student

Note – Please provide specific examples:

·       Within class context

·       Above and beyond (completed extra assignments, sought assistance on a regular basis during office hours, etc.)

·       Indicate manner in which student assists others with learning

2.     Let the student know that you are nominating them and ask them to sign the nomination.  If you are unable to contact the student, please notify the AccessAbility Services office, as we might be able to contact the student.

Please note:  Not all students with disabilities register with our office.  If the student is not registered with AccessAbility Services the student can provide the Director with medical documentation to verify their eligibility for this award.  The documentation will not be shared with the rest of the committee.

3.     Email the nomination to or mail it to Tina Doyle, AccessAbility Services, UTSC Rm. S302.

Value:  $1,000.00

Deadline:  Nominations must be submitted by May 31, 2009

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions about the awards or the selection process.

I look forward to receiving the nominations.

Tina Doyle

Director, AccessAbility Services

AccessAbility Services

University of Toronto Scarborough

Tel: 416-287-7560

Fax: 416-287-7334


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