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SCSU's Cultural Mosaic 2009 - "Beyond the Surface" - Tickets on sale!


SCSU's Cultural Mosaic 2009 - Beyond the Surface

"This has been my favorite event since my first year" - Danielle, 4th yr

"It's always great to see all of UTSC's diversity in one place! Love the variety of performances, truly a beautiful experience!" - Kristen, 2nd yr

"There's no place like home, and for me that's UTSC! I feel like I attend a mini global village, its great!" - Tom, 3rd yr


Be apart of the UNITY @ UTSC MOVEMENT!

When: March 19th, 2009 - 7-10pm

Where: Meeting Place

What: Variety of performances from students and groups from all cultures! Including: South Asian Alliance, Organized Sound, Fo Real Dance Group, Music Production & Entertainment Group. AND special belly dancing and salsa performances, plus some amazing solo acts and more!!

**Get your tickets now for the most important and memorable events at UTSC! Go to the SCSU OFFICE, tickets are only $10 ***

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