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Library open 24/7

The U of T Scarborough Library is once again open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, until May 1.

The 24/7 pilot project continues through the winter, after which administration will assess the level of use, especially at night, to determine long-term plans.

As well, the library has announced a change in its policy around beverages. Students can now bring drinks into the library, provided they are in re-usable, non-spillable containers such as travel mugs or aluminum water bottles. Everyone is urged to participate as a way to reduce your daily environmental impact. The library is calling itself "the first paper cup and bottled water free zone" at U of T Scarborough. In cooperation with the Sustainability Office on campus, the library gave away 200 high-quality travel mugs as part of the initiative to reduce waste and raise awareness of environmental issues.

For more about the U of T Scarborough Library, visit the library web site by clicking here.

For more about sustainability initiatives and the Sustainability Office at U of T Scarborough, visit the sustainability web site by clicking here. 


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