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Antibody: Gallery 1265 Exhibition by Annie Tse

Event:  Antibody

Date:  November 12 - 20, 2008

Time:  12 noon - 4 pm (Monday - Thursday)

FREE Admission



Gallery 1265 at the University of Toronto Scarborough presents:

Annie Tse


November 12 - 20, 2008

Curated by Sandy Saad

In order for antibodies to properly function, each one must be slightly different to serve the structures they are part of. The diversity of the antibodies allows the immune system to recognize and defend a wide range of viruses, which is an important component of the body’s defense system. In her solo exhibition, Annie Tse explores these concepts within the context of human experience.

Two of a Kind is a series of line drawings by Tse. The drawings attempt to depict identical objects but the hand fails at the task - it can never create the same thing twice, so the objects end up having slight differences. The drawings suggest the need people often have to be like others in order to avoid feelings of loneliness. However the solution of changing to fit into a certain crowd is never feasible because no two people are the same; just as the artist attempts to create identical objects but fails. Antibodies need to be different in order to properly function within a structure of the body’s defense system, and people need to be different in order to add to this world.

The installation Fall from Grace takes this notion one step further. The large suspended photos depict the artist falling in the air towards pillows placed on the ground. The fall from grace suggests the failure to accept oneself, which leads to endless failures in life. The pillows will allow one to bounce back up and either learn from their failure or re-enter this never-ending cycle.

ABOUT GALLERY 1265: Gallery 1265 is the University of Toronto’s only student-run gallery, located at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Gallery 1265 is committed to showcasing the work of emerging student artists currently enrolled in, or recently graduated from UTSC.

Gallery 1265 invites students from all disciplines to submit proposals for exhibition consideration. The gallery also provides programming for interdisciplinary and UTSC community-based arts & culture events.


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1265 Military Trail

University of Toronto Scarborough

Monday to Thursday, 12 - 4 pm

Admission is always free.

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