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Distinguished Service Awards honour the best of U of T Scarborough

AWARD WINNER: Francesca Andrade of Financial Services won the Patrick Phillips Award for Staff Service. To view photos of other awards presented, click on the link within the article. (Photos by Ken Jones.)

by Mary Ann Gratton

On a cool day in June, members of the U of T Scarborough community gathered under a tent for this year’s Celebration of Distinguished Service.

Long-service employees, retiring staff and others were feted at the event, a ceremony and barbecue lunch. The event took place on June 19 under a summer-white garden tent on the grounds by the scenic Miller Lash House.

Members of the campus community were in a festive mood as they celebrated the contributions of all award recipients. To view more photos of the event, click here.

“We have many reasons to celebrate,” Prof. Franco Vaccarino, Principal of U of T Scarborough, told the crowd. “Not only do we have a beautiful campus, but we also have top programs known all around the world for their excellence and innovation. Our ability to attract the kinds of students we attract, who are among the very best, and our record of producing the high level of scholarship that we produce, is in large part due to the people here. At the end of the day, it is people who bring our plans to life, and this day is an opportunity for us to recognize the many contributions that staff and faculty make.”

Twenty-five year service employees honoured were: Wanda Restivo (Physical & Environmental Sciences) and William Seager (Humanities).

Retirees who were congratulated are as follows: Donna Bennett (English); Russell Brown (English); Shelley Crawford (Arts & Science Co-op); Diane Gradowski (Graphics, Academic Resources); Donald Holman (Visual and Performing Arts Studio); Toolsie Jodhan (Physical & Environmental Sciences); Ian McDonald (Classics); Roger O’Toole (Sociology); Janet Potter (Physical & Environmental Sciences); Francesco (Frank) Ranieri (Facilities, Residence Life); Robert Van Der Voet (Facilities); and Irene Willadsen (Facilities).

The Principal’s Award for Faculty Teaching went to Prof. Janet Potter, Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences. She was described as “an excellent teacher, innovative in introducing new techniques, and a humanitarian genuinely interested in the well being of her students.”

The Graduate Teaching Assistant Award was presented to Alex Livingston, Department of Social Sciences, who was described as “talented, reliable and deeply committed.”

Two undergraduate Teaching Assistant Awards were awarded. The first went to Sandra Romain, Department of Social Sciences, who was recognized for her “knowledge, her commitment to students, her ethics, justice and sense of fun.” The second went to Molu Shi, Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences. He was described as “motivating the students to work hard and think smart, and getting everyone involved so that each student learns something every time.”

The Principal’s Research Awards are to be announced at a future date. (Watch for details on the campus web site.)

The D.R. Campbell Merit Award for a person who enhances the quality of life on the campus went to technician Svetlana (Lana) Mikhaylichenko, Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences. She was described as “working hard for students, and giving countless hours to help them outside of her paid duties, conveying a passion for teaching that inspires and shows in everything she does.”

The Patrick Phillips Award for outstanding service and commitment demonstrated by a campus staff member went to Francesca Andrade in Financial Services. According to the nomination, she “is one of the most kind-hearted individuals on campus, whose primary focus is helping others and who continues to demonstrate skill, dedication and professionalism as a caring colleague.”

AccessAbility Awards were presented to two students and a faculty member. These awards recognize those who raise awareness of disability issues, or who have worked to improve or enhance the situation on campus for individuals with disabilities. They went to two students, Michelle Hahn and Judy Phromratsamy, for their efforts in this area. Prof. Kirsty Duncan of Social Sciences received the Faculty AccessAbility Award. She was described as “inspiring her students by understanding the challenges of accessibility and thinking outside of the box in a way that both accommodates students and puts them at ease with her sensitivity and support.”

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