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"AFFAIRS of the ARTS": ARTBAR(Mar 20), UTSCreen(Mar 26, 27), JAZZ NIGHT!(Apr 3)

In the early winter semester, three major art groups at U of T Scarborough sat down for a meeting to discuss a specific problem. The problem was a lack of venues and resources for UTSC students to show their artwork, play their music and share their talent

The three groups involved in the meeting, UTAC, UMAP and Organized Sound – quickly decided on solution – create and advertise a large number of art events and open them up for free to the UTSC Community.

Very soon UTSC’s Cinematrix and The New Media Club got involved and the result of that initial decision was ‘Affairs of the Arts’.

From March 20 to April 3, 2008, over three weeks, on each Thursday night, there will be a special, large scale art event, hosted by a particular group, that will be open for free to UTSC students.

The three events, ARTBAR, UTSCreen and JAZZ NIGHT together make up ‘Affairs of the Arts’ – a new way of showcasing art on campus.

MARCH 20 2008     ARTBAR!                                                                         

Location: The Attic (Athletics Lounge)    8 PM

An annual tradition at UTSC for the last 7 years, ARTBAR is a nighttime explosion of artistic talent from UTSC campus.

It features live music performances from jazz bands, rappers, rock bands and capoela artists, cutting edge films from UTSC and UT’s top video artists and the latest work from UTSC’s best painters and photographers.  This year’s ARTBAR is hosted by UMAP, UTAC and Organized Sound, will have food and drink service and will take place until midnight.

Cost: FREE

MARCH 26, 27    UTSCreen!                                                                            

Location: S309 (Science Wing)        7PM

UTSC’s one and only juried student film festival is back! Hosted by Cinematrix and featuring short and long films from the best and brightest of UTSC campus, UTSCreen is a great chance to see great work by great artists.

The festival will take place over two days and will be juried by Professor Gary Leonard. Those who have an opportunity to take a class with Dr Leonard, will be delighted to hear him analyze and describe the meanings in the films of their friends and fellow students.

Cost: FREE

APRIL 3, 2008    JAZZ NIGHT!                                                                          

Location: Bluffs (Student Centre)        7PM

Amidst the chaos of the final exam season, if you’re looking for a few moments of peace and relaxation, UMAP’s JAZZ NIGHT should be on your agenda!

JAZZ NIGHT is intimate and relaxing night of amazing songs and freewheeling improvisation by UTSC’s Jazz band and music groups. Look for a comfy café setting, ala the French cafes of Jazz’s golden age, and a chance to refresh yourself before the end of the year.

Cost: FREE

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