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Service Learning Courses offered this Summer Session to Students in the Sciences

Science Engagement is an experiential learning program which aims to provide science undergraduates with   learning opportunities outside of the typical classroom environment. SCIB01H ("Community Outreach") and SCIB02H ("Classroom In-reach") are service learning courses where students actively apply academic knowledge gained through their discipline in a meaningful, relevant context, guided by consistent reflection.

In SCIB01H, Community Outreach, students are placed with a community organization (schools, non-government organizations, hospitals, community groups, etc.) to contribute to a mutually agreed upon science-related project. In SCIB02H, Classroom In-reach, students work with a course instructor, in a course that the student has previously mastered, to assist in the learning of students currently taking that course. Both SCIB01H and SCIB02H also include an in-class component once a week where professional communication, asset-based community assessment, reflective writing, and learning styles are among the topics discussed.

Enrollment instructions, application forms, available placements and more information can be found on the Science Engagement website,

SCIB01H & SCIB02H are listed in the Calendar under "Science Engagement".

Students are encouraged to arrange their own placements if they have a community organization (Outreach) or undergraduate course (In-reach) with which they would like to work.  Students can email to confirm that their independently-arranged placement is acceptable.

Science Engagement is offered every term. Summer Session Course registration begins March 27th, 2008.

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