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June 2011 University of Toronto Scarborough

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Inside UTSC

UTSC alum teams up with rock legends KISS to launch a tech revolution

At a star-studded spectacle in Beverly Hills, California on May 20, University of Toronto Scarborough alumnus David Lucatch (BA '85) reached new heights in his impressive entrepreneurial career. At the same time, people around the world who watched online might have witnessed the kick-off of a technological revolution on par with the invention of email or Facebook.


Hot News

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Why employees don't share with each other

Common sense says that knowledge transfer across an organization's hierarchy is crucial to its success. But that doesn't always happen.

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Six faculty promoted to full professorships

Summer just got a little bit sweeter for six UTSC faculty members who were recently promoted to full professorships.

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Staff member's book about chimps gets rave reviews

Most of us know Andrew Westoll as the writer in the Communications Department and the editor of Inside UTSC. But Westoll lives a double life.


You Should Know:

2011/12 & 2012/13 HOLIDAY SCHEDULES

Research Roundup

research roundup
What makes leaves sprout in the spring?

In this Q&A with VP, Research Malcolm Campbell, find out why and how buds blossom when they do.

The Dance of the Male Jumping Spider

NPR science blog features study co-authored by associate professor Andrew Mason (warning: amazing video!).



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Whirlwind summer takes UTSC journalism student to G8 Summit in France

This third-year student should give seminars to young students on how to get the most out of their university education.

UTSC student Emily Hunter publishes the Next Eco-Warriors

Emily Hunter has environmentalism in her blood. Her father is the founding president of Greenpeace and her mother was the first woman to save a whale.

PhD student wins prestigious Trillium scholarship

Rachel Strickman, an incoming PhD student to the new environmental sciences doctoral program at UTSC, has won an Ontario Trillium Scholarship.


Campus Pulse

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Snider Visiting Artist leaves lasting legacy

For the past four months, students in the VPA studio program at UTSC have been rubbing elbows with one of Canada's most celebrated artists.

Happy alumnus pens an open letter to UTSC co-op students

Here it is from the horse's mouth: UTSC's arts and science co-op program really does make a difference!  more

Huddle Up!

More than 110 high school student leaders attended a summit on campus last month to discuss bullying prevention strategies in their schools.  more

Department Dept.

Hire Power helps new grads find jobs

This four-day event provided new grads with the skills and resources needed to find and keep work. And they loved every minute of it!

CareerSparks ignites Arts and Science Co-op students

A recent event at UTSC showed that five minutes might be all it takes to make the right connection and find the job of your dreams.


H.R. File

New Faces: These new staff members have joined the UTSC community since the beginning of May.

Course: Struggling with work-life balance? Discover how you can Take Your Soul to Work on June 8 from 1-2pm in AA160.

Course: Learn how to deal with conflict and how to turn conflict into collaboration in this valuable course from 9am-noon on June 9 in AA160.

Course: Need to improve your writing skills? Pick up some great tips in this full-day course on High Impact Business Writing in AA160 on July 22.



June 8

Annual Staff/Faculty Luncheon. Come celebrate 2011 Spring Convocation at the Faculty Club, 41 Willcocks Street.

June 18

Highland Creek Heritage Festival. Bring your family!

June 23

Miller Lash BBQ in celebration of distinguished services.

Oct 13 - Oct 14

Ursula on Tour comes to UTSC!



Jim Derenzis, Director of Facilities Management at UTSC, is responsible for overseeing the remediation of the future Aquatics Centre and Field House Complex site, which used to be a municipal landfill. He still remembers the first exploratory digs his team made there in February 2010. Apparently it was like entering a time machine.


“Everything we were digging up was from the early 1960s. There was no plastic, no green garbage bags, no disposable diapers, none of the stuff we’d expect today. Instead, there was a lot of wood, tin cans, glass bottles, paper grocery bags and a ton of bundled newsprint.”

Derenzis recalls ripping open one of the newspaper bundles at a random page. This resulted in one of the most popular anecdotes being shared around campus and confirmation of the old saying 'some things never change.'

“There was an article by Milt Dunnell, the legendary sportswriter for the Toronto Star," says Derenzis. "It was from October 1963. The headline read: 'Leafs Lose Again.'”


Guess Who?

  guess who portrait  

This faculty member's research into land rights and resource use on South Africa's Wild Coast led to the Khanyayo people regaining legal ownership of their ancestral land, the Mkambati Nature Reserve, in 2004.


His work was so influential that the South African government invited him to attend the hand-over ceremony as a guest of honour.

The first person to respond to the editor with the correct answer will win a $10 Tim Horton's gift card.

  guess who last  

Why $10 instead of the usual $5? Because last month, no one could guess which UTSC staff member used to rock-out with the Slattery Brothers. He has since cut his hair and joined the IITS department as a programmer and instructional multimedia designer. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Michael Murphy-Boyer!


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