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March 2012 University of Toronto Scarborough

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UTSC Alumni

Executive Director Welcome

Networking. Connecting. Learning. Social media offers a multitude of ways for us to engage with friends, colleagues, business partners or hope to be business associates. From Facebook to twitter to blogging there are a number of mediums available for people to communicate. But how do we connect alumni who share common interests and paths together to allow them to build business relationships, share experiences, network and expand their personal connectivity?

Well, first, I ask each of you to take a mobile moment and ensure your contact information is up to date in our records including your mobile number. This will allow us to make certain you are invited to our outstanding alumni events and are included in our communications. To do this, please send us an email to with your contact information including your cell phone number and current employment information. We do not trade or sell this information; it is simply to ensure you are included in all the events and programs UTSC offers. If you have other U of T affiliations due to second degrees, (ie law, medicine, teaching, etc) you may also be included in invitations for events being held by those divisions.

In addition, I will be soon extending invitations through LinkedIn to join me and your fellow alumni who share similar affinities. We will be creating a number of these LinkedIn groups to allow people with mutual interests to network with one another – rather than creating one large UTSC network. We will be rolling this out over the next few months so feel free to accept your invite from me, get linked into UTSC and with your fellow alumni and friends. We believe these more personalized forums will provide added value for alumni to opt in to the conversation and expand their opportunities with others where there are natural synergies.

Finally, I want to extend the invitation to you to attend our Leader2Leader Conference being held on May 4, 2012. This event will offer sessions that focus on the relevance of social media to business, channeling your (inner) entrepreneur, managing top talent in today's competitive market and more. Of course there will be plenty of networking and business idea exchange opportunities throughout the day so I do hope you will take a personal day, a mental health day, or a professional development day and attend.

Remember: opportunities come and go. I encourage you to join us, link with us, and most importantly create and develop your personal opportunities. Own it, lead it and manage your destiny.


Georgette Zinaty, BA 1989
Executive Director
Development and Alumni Relations Office



Taking a bite of the Big Apple

The University of Toronto Scarborough ventured south of the border on a mission.

UTSC visits the Nation's Capital

On February 6th, 2012, the University of Toronto Scarborough headed to Ottawa and held an alumni event at Play Food and Wine.

Happy New Year of the Dragon

Did you know that the Scarborough campus was established in 1964, the year of the Dragon?

UTSCAA Annual General Meeting (AGM) - April 18, 2012

At the AGM we will be informed of the current status of the UTSCAA, listen to reports from the Chair, and vote in new alumni members.



Achievements related image
Leader2Leader Conference: May 4, 2012

The world around us is constantly changing and staying competitive in today's economy can be challenging. Learn from industry professionals and...

Spring Reunion 2012

Don't miss the biggest event on the UTSC alumni calendar, the 2012 Spring Reunion weekend.

UTSC English Department Open House, March 12th-March 14th

The English Department will hold its first three-day Open House, from March 12th to March 14th.

UTSC Day with The Toronto Marlies

This event is presented by the SCHPA (UTSC hockey players association) in partnership with the SCAA and SCSU, and with the support of the...



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McLean leaves legacy of growth

In her 12 years as Chief Administrative Officer at UTSC, Kim McLean provided administrative leadership...

UTSC partners with Parks Canada on Rouge National Urban Park

In an historic agreement with Parks Canada, UTSC has taken a leading role in the transformation of the Rouge Valley.

U of T strengthens partnerships with top Chinese Institutions

More University of Toronto faculty and students are poised to collaborate with partners at China's top universities.

Giving back

How can you support UTSC's leaders of tomorrow?

Would you agree that changing the life of a student is a pretty good return on investment? What if you could support a future clinical psychologist...

The Khairallah Family Scholarship

Sami Khairallah is no stranger to philanthropy. A friend of the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC), Khairallah has supported various...


Spending Gives Student Clubs Opportunities

Signing up for the U of T Affinity Mastercard Program with MBNA Canada Bank not only secures personal credit it allows our alumni and students to...

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UTSC's Visionary leaders: Former Principal A.F. Wynne Plumptre

As principal of UTSC from 1965 to 1972, Wynne Plumptre transformed the campus under his visionary leadership. Scarborough College (as UTSC was known back then) saw a significant shift and unprecedented growth with an increase in student enrollment from 191 to over 1,000 full time students and expanded academic learning spaces and programs. Under his guidance, the campus benefited from the completion of the first academic building which housed the Sciences and Humanities, a permanent student residence complex and recreation centre and the college's television production studio that transmitted closed-circuit lectures to fifty classrooms. Students and alumni found their voice with the production of the first student magazine "Marooned", student newspapers "Apocalypse" and "Balcony Square" and the launch of the Scarborough College Alumni Association and the Scarborough College International Students Association. With the launch of a separate Arts and Science division, Scarborough College gained independence in curriculum development as one of three University of Toronto campuses.

Not only did Wynne Plumptre transform Scarborough College, but as a visionary economist prior to his term with the college, Wynne was among few in the post-war generation that worked hard to build an integrated global economy while ensuring that Canada had the capability of maintaining a leading place within the system. With posts including membership in the Royal Commission on Banking, which led to the formation of the Bank of Canada, finance attaché with the Canadian embassy in Washington, head of the Economics Division of the Department of External Affairs, and deputy minister of Finance, Wynne had a distinguished career in the civil service that had a tremendous impact on Canadian economy, the benefits of which we still presently enjoy. Today, globalization continues to be central to UTSC's innovative research and programs that offer a unique, global perspective that prepare our students to be global leaders of tomorrow.

Wynne's spouse, Australian-born Beryl Alyce Plumptre (nee Rouche), was also a notable economist. Among other positions, she was national president of the Consumers Association of Canada, and president of the Vanier Institute of the Family until she was appointed as Chairwoman of the Canadian Food Prices Board under Prime Minister Trudeau's leadership. She gained her reputation as a consumer advocate and a leader in important government and non-government agencies concerned with the country's economy, foreign policy, and social welfare. In 1976, Beryl received Honorary Doctor of Laws from UofT for her significant contributions to the nation and in 1995 she received the prestigious recognition as an Officer of the Order of Canada.

To honour Wynne and Beryl Plumptre, family and friends, along with UTSC faculty and staff, created the endowed Wynne and Beryl Plumptre Faculty Research Fellowship in 1999 to support research by faculty members in the Department of Management at University of Toronto Scarborough. In addition, The Plumptre Admission Scholarship was created in their honour, and is awarded annually to a student entering first year university, whose academic achievement in secondary school is exceptional. The endowment, currently valued at just under $250,000 and the Admission Scholarship are enduring legacies that have had such a positive influence on the academic future of deserving students and on outstanding faculty accomplishments. These awards are a fitting tribute to Wynne and Beryl, whose significant contributions helped shape UTSC and our nation's economic stability.


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