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New link to GO Train increases transit options

UTSC has a new mass transit option this year -- a free bus ride to campus for GO Train customers who get off at Rouge Hill.

GO and the TTC are partnering to provide the route as part of a pilot project to improve service to UTSC. Anyone who shows a valid GO ticket, pass or PRESTO card can complete their trip to UTSC campus on the 38 Highland Creek bus.

Andrew Arifuzzaman, UTSC’s chief administrative officer, says that mass transit is extremely important to the campus, and he welcomes the new option. He also noted that Durham Region Transit is now running an express bus to UTSC, and that the TTC has enhanced some of its routes.

“We have a challenge on this campus,” Arifuzzaman says, noting its continuing growth. “Transit is going to be an ongoing priority for us.”

The university hopes to eventually gain a Light Rail Transit station on campus that would connect with the TTC, and serve as the cornerstone of a transportation hub. LRT plans are still being reviewed by the city.

In the meantime, the free connection for GO riders from Rouge Hill will continue at least to the end of the school year. After that, GO and TTC will discuss whether the pilot project should continue. More information is available here.


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