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TEDx is coming to UTSC! Nominate a Speaker now and help us "Reorder the Ordinary!"

For the very first time, the exciting and revolutionary TED talks will be at UTSC on February 2013!

TEDxUTSC is the localized version of the global TED conference and is being independently organized under the TED license. Some of the world’s leading thinkers and doers, such Bill Gates, Al Gore, Jane Goodall, Elizabeth Gilbert and Sir Richard Branson to name a few, have participated as speakers at the global TED conference.

Our exciting theme for the TEDxUTSC conference next year is Reorder the Ordinary. This theme celebrates the crazy ones, the misfits and the rebels who strive to turn society’s norms around and challenge the status quo. Those who are not afraid to learn the rules, then break them. They invent. They imagine. They create. They explore. They inspire. But most importantly, they help push the human race forward. And we need your help to bring forward such individuals!

To showcase the richness and diversity of ideas at UTSC, we are looking for the brightest students, alumni, professors and community activists. If you know someone in the UTSC or Scarborough community with an idea worth spreading, you have the power to help put them on the global stage! Successful talks are handpicked by the global TED team and later uploaded to the official website, meaning you could potentially help spread an idea worldwide!

To nominate a speaker, please fill out the short form at:

Want to nominate yourself? Then click the link below!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:

For instant updates on the developments of our conference, visit our social media links:

In the TED spirit of spreading ideas, make sure to share this with your network of friends so we can all work together to make this the best event of the year!

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