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Mary Wong: Picture This

Mary Wong (model alias Marie Mei) graduated in June 2008 with an Honours Bachelor of Arts from UTSC. After pursuing a Law Clerk diploma, she set her sights on law school and is currently in her first year at Newcastle University in the UK.

Prior to any of this, Mary had other dreams for herself. Growing up she had always wanted to model, sing, and act, but her mom was keen on her completing a university education first. As luck would have it, opportunity came calling while she was in university. Mary credits UTSC with being a meeting place for great minds to connect, staff and students alike, and empowering her to believe in her abilities and choices.  It was through one of these connections she made, a friend who was also in the University of Toronto Gospel Choir, that Mary learned about an opportunity to model. After her first gig, she was hooked.

Today, Mary has modeled for more than 29 designers and fashion shows including "Shu Uemura" at Luminato and at Holt Renfrew, The Toronto Clothing Show, and Sherry Petrie’s "Altered Couture". Her unique look and style have also landed her parts as an extra on "Being Erica”, Mike Myer's "Love Guru", and a Billy Talent music video.

Apart from the outward appearance of glamour, Mary remarked that modeling is a very competitive industry in which “there is always a certain "look" people in the business” are seeking, regardless of talent. As a result she’s faced her share of self-doubt, rejection, and criticism. Mary credits her faith and opportunities she has had with keeping her motivated “to create something visually beautiful, astonishing, different, and intriguing with other artists.”

To that end, she also considers her time at UTSC a memorable opportunity, which allowed her to “grow intellectually, professionally and personally”. It’s all about balance and Mary is selective with the gigs she takes, but hopes that she will be able to keep pursuing her hobby of modeling alongside a career in law.

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