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Dr. Elliot Schwartz on CBC National News

Dr. Elliot Schwartz (B.Sc, 1969), a Pediatric Dental Surgeon in Toronto with over 37 years of dental experience, was recently featured on the CBC National News to discuss the epidemic of dental cavities in young children across the country.

This particular discussion was inspired by an article in the New York Times which highlighted the growing problem of extensive dental decay in preschool children. While this article focused on children in the United States, Dr. Schwartz confirmed that this epidemic is taking place right across Canada. The number of preschool children with cavities (not one or two, but six to ten) is at an all time high.

According to Dr. Schwartz, some contributing factors include fluoride not being included in children’s toothpaste, the preference for bottled water, which is devoid of fluoride as well, and the tendency for parents to give their children sugary snacks and particularly sugary drinks.

The most concerning contributing factor to this epidemic of tooth decay, said Dr. Schwartz, is the unwitting negligence of parents. They either do not realize the importance of helping their child brush and floss or are finding themselves too busy to prioritize these activities. Unfortunately, it’s the child who suffers the consequences and an increasing number of children are being put under general anesthesia and through surgery because they cannot sit still in a dentist chair. 

 To listen to the entire interview, and hear Dr. Schwartz’ recommendations for addressing these challenges, click here.

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