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Boundless Inspiration: UTSC Faculty and Staff Campaign 2012

The 2012 Faculty and Staff Campaign at the University of Toronto Scarborough was officially launched May 29th. This year’s campaign is centered on “inspiring student experience” and developing “inspiring spaces”. The funds raised through the campaign will be put toward scholarships, experiential learning, and expansion of the Doris McCarthy Gallery and student residences.

As part of the UTSC leg of the university–wide Boundless campaign, the Faculty and Staff campaign will be an important part of meeting the needs of our campus priorities which will be publicly launched, along with the full campaign for UTSC, in the fall.

The contributions of faculty and staff at UTSC are crucial in ensuring that we maintain our commitment to accessible education. With this objective in mind, the funds allocated toward scholarships will contribute to a “Boundless Promise Faculty and Staff Award”. The fundraising goal for this award is to raise $25,000, which will be matched dollar for dollar.

Such scholarships have a significant impact on students’ experiences at UTSC.  Youssef Khalid, the 2011 student recipient of the Faculty and Staff Award established by the 2004 Faculty and Staff Campaign, shared the impact of a scholarship on him:

UTSC has been very welcoming to first year students transitioning to university. The UTSC Faculty and Staff Award has given me the opportunity to focus more on my studies by lightening my financial burden. The strong community at UTSC and your generosity has inspired me to one day give back to the community, in appreciation of the opportunities UTSC has given me.” 

Ontario receives the lowest per-student funding of all Canadian provinces. In spite of this UTSC has established a reputation as a leading research enterprise and fostered the development of a unique and engaging student experience. These achievements would not have been possible for UTSC were it not for the continued support of friends and alumni, many of whom are staff and faculty at the University.

I am inspired to give because UTSC is my home and place of work. An opportunity given to me should be reciprocated by providing an opportunity for a student to succeed.” –Scott McRoberts, Director, Athletics and Recreation

Consider supporting the Campaign, and making an investment in the inspiration of our future leaders. For more information on the campaign please contact Joanna Panayiotopoulos, Manager, Special Campaigns, Development and Alumni Relations. 

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