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First-years get revved at Limitless 2012

by Kurt Kleiner

Voices hoarse, legs sore, and ears ringing, 1,400 tired but enthusiastic first-years wound up three days of orientation at the UTSC campus before traveling downtown on Friday for the university-wide parade and party.

Despite a rainy start on Tuesday, the students at Limitless 2012 showed great enthusiasm as they shouted, cheered, ate, danced, and met people who in some cases will remain lifelong friends. Just as important, they figured out how to navigate the campus, and got to know some of their faculty and administrators.

“Embrace your new academic home,” advised UTSC Principal Franco Vaccarino, speaking to a group of students. “You will enter into an educational journey, but you will also enter into a personal journey. I guarantee in four or five years you will be very different people. Much of that evolution as human beings will be because of what you experience here at UTSC.”

“We’re committed to making sure we’re going to give you the best education possible,” said Rick Halpern, UTSC dean and vice-principal (academic).” “You’re great students.”

Entertainment this year included karaoke, a hypnotist show, and a dance party featuring a foam machine. Other events introduced students to their programs, to campus clubs, and to members of their faculty.

“It’s been fun,” said Paolo Valenzuela, a history major. “There are a lot of very energetic people.”

Valenzuela says he chose UTSC after talking with friends at all three University of Toronto campuses. “Most people say UTSC is a very friendly campus,” he says.

Amanda Cruz, a sociology major, also liked what she heard about the campus from friends. “I felt like this was the right place for me. It’s a great school with a very close-knit community. I was confident in coming here.”

Vikash Narine, an environmental science major, says that UTSC was tempting because it was so close to home. “Plus U of T is such a reputable school. Any other school besides U of T would have been sub-par.”

Ryan Dale, a second-year student in the public policy co-op, volunteered as a leader this year in part because his own orientation was so important to him. “I had a really great time. I went in a little nervous, and it made me feel comfortable socially.”

Students weren’t the only ones getting their bearings. New faculty spent Wednesday getting a run-down on the campus and the services that were available to them, before hearing from senior administrators.

Malcolm Campbell, UTSC vice-principal, research, told the new faculty that they were coming at a time of remarkable growth. Not only is UTSC a component of the top-rated research university in Canada; it has also grown into a well-respected mid-sized research university in its own right.

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