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Bike Share is back at UTSC

by Don Campbell

There’s a better way to get in and around campus that beats taking the heel-toe express.

The sustainability office in cooperation with the department of athletics and recreation at the athletics centre have revived UTSC’s Bike Share program. The program allows students, staff or faculty with a valid ID card to sign out a bike.

“People can use bikes not only for exercise on campus but to take scenic rides through the Rouge Valley or for students living in residence who want to bike to Sobey’s, the movies or anywhere else off campus,” says Tim Lang, manager of the UTSC Sustainability. 

The bike share program has existed in several different incarnations on campus since it started in 2007, with the sustainability office and the athletics department taking over the program last year.

Sign out is done at the front desk of the athletics centre during office hours, while the bikes can be taken out on a per day basis. The plan is to expand the program according to demand.

“Currently there are a limited number of bikes but we are putting it out there because it’s a great service,” says Lang. “We are always willing to increase the number of available bikes to meet demand.  If there are people who want to eventually use them for commuting purposes, who knows, it’s something we can explore.”

The bikes will also be available for special programs or events; all that is required for sign out is a valid athletics pass. If all goes according to plan, the program will be up and running no later than by the end of September.

Meanwhile, the current fleet of loaners is a combination of new, used and refurbished bikes, so if anyone wants to donate a bike or bike parts they can contact Tim Lang in the sustainability office.    

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