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Training and development courses always on offer at UTSC

 Supervising someone isn’t always easy. But UTSC staff members who signed up for the Basic Principles of Supervision course last year learned tried and true methods for motivating and communicating with employees.

The course was so popular that it was oversubscribed all three times it was offered, and will probably be offered again this year. It’s just one of dozens of training and development courses offered at UTSC every year intended to help staff improve professionally and personally.

“The university promotes continued learning, whether it’s academic or in other areas,” says Marilyn Kwan, human resources generalist and staff development coordinator in human resource services. “We want to make sure that all of our staff have the skills and training they need to succeed in their current positions, and for future promotional opportunities.”

In 2011, 1065 people took part in 67 courses, not including the number who participated in web seminars. So far in 2012, 769 people have participated in 48 different courses.

Classes range from using Adobe Dreamweaver to writing effective letters to managing records. But the courses aren’t only about work. Classes in subjects like health and fitness or even in baby massage and elder care are intended to help people improve their personal lives.

New courses are announced throughout the year. The current offerings can be found here.

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