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New campus wireless network increases speed, reliability

In recent years, the demand on UTSC’s wireless network has exploded, with more students downloading more content onto more mobile devices. But fortunately, a project spanning 18 months and costing $866,000 has now given the campus a new network with higher speeds and much greater coverage.

 “A robust wireless network enables UTSC to take advantage of advances in mobile technologies and provides a reliable channel for increased collaborations, research and learning,” said Zoran Piljevic, director of Information & Instructional Technology Services at UTSC.

To create the new network, IITS, Design & Construction Management, and Student Housing and Residence Life installed 500 new wireless access points around campus. The new access points use an improved communications standard called IEEE 802.11n, which is potentially 5 times faster than the technology it replaces. In addition, the new network supports an improved security protocol.

As well, the new network will make it easier to roam around the campus without losing a connection and having to reconnect to another access point.

When the project started, an average of 887 unique users were logged onto the university network at any one time. That number has increased to 3,400, with 16,000 users logging on over any 24-hour period.

The new network creates coverage for 95 percent of indoor spaces, including residences, and also covers heavily-used outdoor areas such as the H-wing patio, the space between H-wing and S-wing and the space between the Social Sciences building and the H-wing.

At the moment, though, 45 percent of students are still using the old “UTORwin” network. This network will eventually be phased out, so Piljevic recommends that students switch to the new “UofT” network as soon as they can. Instructions for switching are available at

There’s also a real-time map showing network usage at

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