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New campus governance structure proposed

by Kurt Kleiner

A new governance structure being considered by the university would streamline how decisions are made and result in UTSC and UTM making more decisions locally.

“I think in years to come we will remember this as a critical step in the tri-campus vision,” said UTSC Principal and Vice-President Franco Vaccarino at the meeting.

Prof. Bill Gough, a faculty governor on the U of T Governing Council, sits on the council’s Task Force on Governance Implementation Committee. At a UTSC Council Meeting on Nov. 22 Gough reported on the committee’s recommendations.

According to the proposed restructuring, the 400-members-plus UTSC Council would be replaced with a smaller Campus Council. Reporting to the Campus Council would be an Academic Affairs Committee and a Campus Affairs Committee. One advantage of the new structure would be that the Campus Council would have a direct line to the Governing Council, streamlining decision-making.

“What it allows is enabling this campus to have a direct relationship with the Governing Council. As such, this campus is empowered,” Gough said.

 U of T’s Governing Council is considering the recommended restructuring. A report on the recommendations is available at

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