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Elliot Noss – President & CEO, Tucows Inc. & UTSC Graduate

Elliott Noss is President and CEO of Tucows Inc., a global Internet services company headquartered in Toronto with offices in Europe and the United States.

Elliot graduated from University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) with a BA in commerce and economics in 1984, and a combined MBA and law degree from the University of Western Ontario in 1988.  After graduation he articled at Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt in Toronto before starting his own law practice. “U of T is a great place to learn economics, commerce and accounting, and the profs stacked up against any I would meet later on,” he says. “The level was deeper than anything I did in my graduate studies.”

In 1994 Elliot left the legal industry to start a small technology business providing off-site data backup. Subsequently he joined a local Internet Service Provider (ISP).  In 1997, Elliot joined Tucows Interactive Inc., a provider of software and shareware products, as Vice President of Corporate Services.  In 1999, Elliot became President and CEO of Tucows Delaware that acquired Tucows Interactive. In 2001, Elliot became President and CEO of the newly merged Tucows Inc., leading the company’s business strategy and vision.

During Elliot’s tenure as President and CEO, he has led the company’s growth to become the largest wholesale provider of domain names in the world and rapidly expanded the wholesale service line to include email services, SSL certificates, and enhanced domain name offerings which are sold through a growing international reseller channel.

Elliot has been a leader in the Internet industry for over a decade. He champions areas of vital interest to the service providers and Internet users including privacy, legislation, reform and registrar matters, and the implications of emerging technologies.

During a recent technology seminar HostingCon 2011, Elliot presented “This Mobile Moment”, a session on the dramatic growth of the mobile Internet sector which has become the fastest adoption of a technology in the history of the world as mobile phones have shifted from basic devices into handheld computers. He emphasized that the remarkable growth has created a distinct opportunity for hosting providers to offer clients better services and options than phone companies traditionally have. Tucows is leveraging on this “mobile moment” by launching Ting in late 2011, a new mobile service that aims to provide customers with unique, exceptional customer service and products as a host provider.   


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