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New faces

Please welcome the following new staff members who have joined the UTSC community since late May 2011:

  • Jamie Burden, Landscape Technician, Grounds
  • Ambarish Chandra, Assistant Professor, Dept of Management
  • Jeffrey Allan Dvorkin, Lecturer, Dept of Humanities
  • Amanda Fernandez, Student Library Assistant Supervisor, Library
  • Catarina S. Freire, Fitness Program Coordinator, Athletics & Recreation
  • Joseph George, Recreation Services & Communications Assistant, Athletics & Recreation
  • Leo Goldmakher, Assistant Professor, Dept of Computer & Mathematical Sciences
  • Michael Gomez, Employment and Career Services Representative, Academic Advising & Career Centre
  • Christine P. Gray, Information Clerk, Arts & Science Co-Op Programs
  • Alen Hadzovic, Lecturer, Dept of Physical & Environmental Sciences
  • Angela Hamilton, Librarian, Library
  • Haiyong Huang, Chemical Laboratory Technician, Dept of Physical & Environmental Sciences
  • William Hurst, Assistant Professor, Dept of Social Sciences
  • Ryan IsaksonAssistant Professor, Dept of Social Sciences
  • Rutsuko Ito Lee, Assistant Professor, Dept of Psychology
  • Ravneet Kaur, Project Coordinator, Information & Instructional Technology Services
  • Mohammad Ayaz Khan, Service Worker, Caretaking
  • Douglas Kong, Lecturer, Dept of Management
  • Heinz-Bernhard Kraatz, Professor, Dept of Physical & Environmental Sciences
  • Andy Lee, Assistant Professor, Dept of Psychology
  • Daniel Lee, Assistant Professor, Dept of Social Sciences
  • Amanda Lockitch, Lecturer, Dept of Humanities
  • Erika Loney, Manager, International Student Services, Student Life
  • Scott McRoberts, Director, Athletics & Recreation
  • Anne-Marie Mikhail, Counsellor/Therapist, Health & Wellness Centre
  • Julie Elizabeth Morra, Building Patrol, Community Police
  • William Max Nelson, Assistant Professor, Dept of Humanities
  • Maud Pillet, Lecturer, Dept of Humanities
  • Jason RamdeoBuilding Patrol, Community Police
  • Jason Romero, Digital Media Technician, Information & Instructional Technology Services
  • Ruslan Salakhutdinov, Assistant Professor, Dept of Computer & Mathematical Sciences
  • Alan Savlov, Senior Development Officer, Development & Alumni Relations
  • Allyson Skene, Peer Facilitation Strategist & Student Outreach Coordinator, Centre for Teaching & Learning
  • Kathleen Smith, Lecturer, Centre for Teaching & Learning
  • Thomas Snell, Manager, Finance & Initiatives, Student Housing & Residence Life
  • Snejina Sonina, Lecturer, Dept of Humanities
  • Jessica Thalmann, Gallery Assistant, Doris Mccarthy Gallery
  • Bebhinn Treanor, Assistant Professor, Dept of Biological Sciences
  • Amanda Uliaszek, Assistant Professor, Dept of Psychology
  • Kristen Wallace, Residence Life Coordinator, Student Housing & Residence Life
  • Laura Wey, Lecturer, Dept of English
  • Robert Young, Assistant Professor, Dept of Computer & Mathematical Sciences
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