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New campus publication on the way

by Kurt Kleiner


The University of Toronto Scarborough is launching a new campus magazine this month called UTSC Commons. The magazine – a new and improved version of Live – aims to provide a window into the exciting cultural and intellectual life on campus to a broad readership of alumni, friends and members of the UTSC community. 

The magazine will include stories about our research, provide cultural perspectives and commentary on ideas that matter, celebrate the achievements of our community members and provide updates on campus initiatives. 

The magazine will strike a balance between in-depth features and scholarly comment, and arresting visuals and quick overviews. Readers are expected to include faculty, students, academic colleagues and alumni. The magazine should appeal generally to anyone who enjoys learning and wants to be part of the adventure of discovery. 

The first issue will be available by the end of the month. Features will include a look at UTSC geology professor Nick Eyles’ CBC documentary series Geologic Journey II; a story about alumnus David Lucatch, whose technology company could change the Internet; and examinations by faculty of the role of digital communications on society and academia. 

In addition to the print publication, UTSC Commons will have a strong online component which will include not only all of the material from the print magazine, but also supplementary material such as expanded articles, video, podcasts and photo galleries. Online readers will be able to post comments and participate in discussions. 

The magazine will have a circulation of 36,000 and will be distributed to alumni, faculty, staff and others. Reader input and feedback will be welcome as the magazine evolves.


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